Talent Accelerator

Season 2016
Théâtre du Présent, Mont Saint Aignan
les 11-15 ans

- 15 au 19 février 2016 - Théâtre du Présent, Mt St Aignan
- 4 au 8 juillet 2016 - IFA Marcel Sauvage, Mt St Aignan

15 au 19 février 2016
We're back with another exciting week of theatre, fun and English. Only five days to create a whole new play! Are you ready? Over the past few camps we’ve worked a lot on improvisation so this time we thought we’d challenge you in a different way, this February we are working with a pre-written text. A tale about one crazy journey with lots of weird and wonderful characters, who will you play?
So this February 15th – 19th we are welcoming you to explore characters, text and stage craft to create a new and exciting piece of theatre.
Ready for the challenge?
Day 1: Welcome to the gang
Day one is where it all begins by getting to know our new Mumbo Jumbo team and learning about the week. Today is all about discovering what happens in the story.
Day 2: It’s all about the character
Today is all about exploring the different characters of the play, who is related to who? Who hates whom? Today is about figuring out the characters in the context of the story and finding out which part each participant will play. Once we know our roles we can start discovering who this character is. How do they walk? How do they laugh? Everything is up to you!
Day 3: It’s all in the play
Day three we start looking at the nuts and bolts of the story. Who says what? How can we possibly remember all our lines? Using different exercises we’ll start to explore each section of the play together.
Day 4: Let’s get down to business!
Characters have been created, lines are being learnt so now is the time to tighten up all the action on stage. We’ve been through each section of the play but now is the time to play with it. How can we make the audience believe what’s going on? How can we make it interesting for the audience? Let’s play!
Day 5: Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to our show…
Today is the day! Lines have been learnt and we’ve run the play a hundred times, now is the moment to show it to an audience! Today is about final touches, working with costumes and working as a team to make our final show really excellent. Here we go!

04 au 08 juillet 2016
Back for our FIFTH camp, Mumbo Jumbo once again needs you and your enthusiasm to create a new piece of theatre. Ready to get stuck in? What character will you play this time?
Day 1:  How do you do?
At the start of every Mumbo Jumbo week we need to get to know our new team. So, with games and improvisations we start to create a welcoming and fun atmosphere in which we can create our new piece of theatre together. After we’ve got to know everyone, we’ll start looking at this session’s text. What will the story be? Who are the characters? All will be revealed!
Day 2Who are you?
So we know the story, now’s the moment to be cast. Who will you play? What will you be asked to do? Once you know your character now we need to bring them to life. Its up to you to create this person, make them as crazy as you like!
So we know the story, we know our characters, now it’s time to get to grips with the text. Did you know that just by changing the way you say one word can change the intention completely? We’ll be looking at this to see what we can bring out in our performances. How would the play change if it were a musical? How would it change if it were a cowboy film? Today is the day when we play with it all!
Day 4Play time!
Today is the day when all our work over the past few days comes together. Today is the last day to try new ideas and play with our piece. Let’s have fun exploring even more about our play!
Day 5Standing ovation please!
And now the day of the show arrives! I hope we are ready! Today we’ll be working like real professional actors, what does it take to make sure everyone in the audience can hear us? How can we make our characters big enough to be clearly understood? What happens if we forget a line?  Let’s find out!

Mollie Keane

Mollie Keane est une actrice et formatrice anglaise, diplômée de East 15 Acting School, London. En 2012, elle tombe dans la marmite de la culture française après avoir tourné pendant 8 mois en France et en Belgique. Elle décide de rester en France et s'installe à Paris où elle continue sa carrière d'actrice jouant dans des court-métrages, des publicités (Notamment une où elle devait faire du vélo alors ... qu'elle ne sait pas en faire, mais ne nous étendons pas trop sur la question). 
En 2014, Mollie et Arnaud créent Mumbo Jumbo, qu'ils imaginent comme un laboratoire de réactions artistiques et linguistiques à la croisée de leurs deux cultures. Depuis, Mollie multiplie les expériences en animant des ateliers avec différents publics : adolescents, adultes, seniors, et dans différents environnements : en milieu scolaire, en centre social et plus récemment dans le monde de l'entreprise. 

Alex Jayner

Alex Jayner est un jeune acteur canadien diplômé d'un Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Studies and English à Acadia University (Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada) et d'un TESOL Certification de Oxford Seminars (Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada).

Depuis 2008, Alex anime des ateliers d'anglais et théâtre dans les collèges et lycées en parallèle de sa carrière d'acteur. En 2011, Alex a également écrit et mis en scène son premier spectacle  "+2 vs Ogres". Il a rejoint Mumbo Jumbo en 2015, il anime avec Mollie Keane les stages de pratiques artistiques et linguistiques.